The Commensal Relationship Between Soil, Bacteria, Crops and Hydr-Oxygen Gas


Dr. David Guez – PhD Neurobiology – Ecotoxicology
Jim Wilson – Director – Founder – Visionary



As we all know, there is always much more going on than is obvious, and there are many details that affect, distort, obscure or completely change a result when looking for the answer. For an answer to actually be correct, every detail along the information pathway of investigation must also be correct and/or consistent. Replicating nature is always going to be difficult due to the enormous diversity and complexity associated with the commensal and symbiotic relationships at play that all add up to the raw ingredients and the ultimate atomic recipe list that makes things what they are. Changing one thing will ultimately change another, and a consequence is assured. Life itself predominantly exists around the “Big 4” pieces of the puzzle, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Carbon and Nitrogen with of course the many mineral trace elements that complete these recipes. Here we expose the importance of commensal relationships of different organisms that accumulate and combine, allowing for multiple outcomes to be achieved for metabolic efficiency, improved strength, increased biomass, disease resistance, carbon sequestration capability, environmental and oxidative stress tolerance amongst others.