Rebuilding Life

Bushfire Recovery Technologies Here in Australia we are experiencing our worst ever summer of wildfires and it is heartbreaking

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The Roots of Life are Anchored in Soil

Healthy soil is full of life and represents an ecosystem all of its own, a micro climate if you will – it is not just carbon, minerals and matter. The logic behind the saying “a healthy gut results in a healthy human” can also be adequately applied to the theory of “healthy soil results in healthy plants”. But we also need to take that further as it is the life that the soil enables that underpins the vast majority of what we call the “Food Chain”. The biota in the soil along with organic matter to feed it, mineral content, gasses and moisture, all combine to create an environment that can then support life and from there, even more life. Everything that lives has to feed from something that has lived, and to think that we can short cut a few steps and remove a few links from this chain of events, is fanciful and potentially fateful.

Great soil = great plants and an abundance of life. Poor soil = poor plants and limited life. When it comes to soil, the mineral content and availability of trace elements is vitally important yes, but it is the ability for complementary life forms to be able to live in the soil that will ultimately determine potential.