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As farmlands become more infertile and as pollutants infiltrate food chains and water sources, the demands placed on all biological organisms ingesting such things increases significantly. The current trajectory is completely unsustainable, and dis-ease, incapacitation and genetic mutation associated with toxic intervention and overload is changing life as we know it, and how we manage it.

Fundamental aspects of life need to be supported and maintained as baseline priorities. This is not an advanced theory or outrageous claim by any means, it is just a basic fact.

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The $200 billion Aquaculture market for example is facing increasing demand pressures along with the desire to reduce antibiotic usage due to stress-related stock levels and disease induced mortalities. Significant reductions in mortality rates, reduction of artificial stimulants, increased growth rates and yield as well as substantial live export improvements and benefits are all expected consequences of using hydrogen technology.

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Hydroponic use is currently showing remarkable results with significant benefits of improved growth rates, yield, disease resistance, taste and nutritional value documented. Further market potential exists in Agriculture and Veterinarian spaces and as the technology is tested and approved by governments, Sports and Beauty industries are also expected to welcome these advancements.

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Hormones, pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics and genetic modification as well as air pollution, fertiliser run off, micro plastics, carbon footprints, deforestation, chemical and fossil fuel contamination are all part what the modern biological species needs to deal with every second, of every hour, of every day.

If we are to survive, things need to change and solutions need to be found, developed and implemented. Irrespective of what it ultimately all looks like in the future, molecular hydrogen will still be a foundational necessity.

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Removing carbon from the atmosphere and putting it back into the ground as root systems, on the surface as plants and trees, and as the grasses and kelp forests in the oceans, is something that needs to be started now if we want to mitigate environmental change. Large-scale projects of hydrogen and oxygen supplementation can make dramatic differences to our planet and the regeneration of supposedly irreversible damage may be possible.

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Healing the soil, the land, the flora and fauna, may all be possible with a little help from us. Cleaning up the mess and providing the essential elements of life can restore balance. Microbes in the soil bring plants, insects, flowers, bees, birds, animals – and the entire ecosystems can then flourish. From little things, big things come. It’s up to us to make it happen!

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Every government, industry and activity associated with farming, growing, breeding, health and wellness should all be paying attention to this technology as a priority, not only for their own welfare, but for the greater good of all of us, and everything else. Molecular hydrogen and molecular oxygen have relativity throughout all biology irrespective of the DNA makeup, and we see a time where this technology will be recognised as a standard tool that is incorporated into our daily lives and businesses.